Easter Favorites

Easter Favorites



Our chief product testers are savages. They put every hat, snack and toy to the test. Cash and Bruce have been kind enough to compile a list of their favorite items for Easter. 

Pat The Bunny Book- An oldie but goodie loved by both Cash and Bruce. This book allows you to touch and feel something on every page.

Animal Rubber Duckies- These can be found in Cash's bath tub a nightly basis. 

If I Were a Rabbit JellyCat Book- One of Bruce's favorite books to read before he goes to bed. 

BITTY BRAH Salty Surf Hat- Stay safe in the sun. Our Salty Surf hat coming out in larger sizes soon!

Yum Earth Lollipops- Organic. All Natural. As healthy as it gets when it comes to candy. 

Spritz Felt Bunny Basket - As any boy mom can attest, most things are made for girls. These baskets are the only ones Cash and Bruce approved. 

Bunny Eggs- Because everything is more fun in an animal theme. 

Llama Llama Easter Egg- Cash and Bruce are both big fans of the Llama Llama books so it was only fitting to give them the Easter version. 

BITTY BRAH Basic Brah Hat- Our best selling hat and the one Cash and Bruce wear on a daily basis.

Goodie Girl Mint Slims- Cash is a certified sugar and chocolate lover. On occasion, he is allowed to eat these from his local Starbucks coffee shop because they are all natural, gluten free and do not contain any artificial ingredients. 

Yum Earth Sour Beans- The best all natural sour jelly beans you can find. End of Story. 

We'd love to hear what some of your Easter favorites are! Leave them below! 

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