Hi. I’m Larinna.

I wear a lot of hats (literally and figuratively). These hats serve a bigger purpose and have brought me to follow my life long dream.

In the summer of 2017, in the middle of my father in law losing his battle with cancer, I also lost my job. I decided in that moment that life was too short not to do what I love. Now was the time for me to go all in on my company I had been working on in my spare time and make my family proud. With a background packaging development and launch management for name brands such as Beats By Dre., mophie and Little Giraffe, I knew that I could handle this crazy adventure.

This journey was inspired by helping children in need and creating a durable snapback that would withstand my spirited son Cash. I created BITTY BRAH™ to make a difference in one of the most impactful ways and send some love to those who need it most. BITTY BRAH™ donates the #1 most requested item not covered through federal government assistance; diapers. For every hat sold, 10 diapers are donated to a nonprofit for families in need.

No two people are alike. No two stories are alike. I hope you will follow along on my journey as an entrepreneur bringing to life surf inspired snapback hats for BITTY BRAH™ while helping families in need.


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